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Volunteering Abroad: Delhi, India


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As you may already know, on July 16th I head out for my first ever trip overseas to Delhi, India. There, I will be volunteering in the slums in the Slum Teaching program with IVHQ- International Volunteer Headquarters. The past year, I have been fundraising with gofundme and it’s been doing so-so. Everything has been paid for, but I’d like to do a little more than just the donations through the money I’ve paid.

For many children in India, school is simply not an option, as they work in the streets with their parents selling goods, foraging and performing to make a living. There are estimated to be over 100 million street children living in India. The Slum Teaching project focuses on providing these children with a basic education and new opportunities that they would otherwise be deprived of. This project is very popular among the street children and their families, who are grateful for the new perspectives and lessons learned from volunteers. Volunteer work consists of taking basic lessons in make-shift classrooms within the slums, playing games with the children after class, providing one-on-one support, and introducing the children to activities, such as painting, that are not possible outside of school.

Resources in India are very limited, and even just bringing money is harder for them. I would like to put together a supply box with some of the needed items on IVHQ’s recommendation list:

  • Children’s clothing (of all ages)
  • Medical supplies (first aid kits, antibiotics, etc)
  • Vitamins
  • Toys (cards, small games, bubbles, etc)
  • Art supplies (books, crayons, markers, etc)
  • Books (children’s)
  • Personal hygiene (toothpaste/brush, shampoo/conditioner, soap, etc)
  • Head Lice-specific shampoo

So, I ask one last time for donations: either monetary or physical. Any money that I receive through gofundme will go to either buying these supplies or to the organization itself. I will buy as much as I can bring over on the airplane before the money goes to the organization. Before I leave, I will post a video of any donations I receive and any purchases I make for this supply box.

Any amount you can donate could help immensely and could possibly even change a child’s life.

Thank you in advance to any who choose to donate!
Help me help them.
xoxo the wanderess

**If you are interested in donating any items specifically, contact me at or through Facebook. 

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    Your volunteer work in India sounds incredible. We’d love for you to write about your experiences abroad for Pink Pangea ( If you’re interested, please get in touch at


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