The Wanderess

About the Wanderess


she was free in her wildness. she was a wanderess, a drop of free water. she belonged to no man and to no city. – roman payne

The thing about this travel bug is that when it bites you, when you get that first taste of what it’s like, you’re screwed. It could be from a simple day trip from the city that ignites this feeling, or a trip halfway across the world; whatever starts the fire, refuses to let it reduce to ash and dust. You find yourself constantly thinking or your previous travels, planning new travels. Everything suddenly becomes unimportant when you get that first sting.

Before I was four years old, I lived in three different states before finally settling down in the fourth, and yet people wonder why I have this aching desire to see the world. I am a firm believer in fate and destiny, and I strongly believe that it is my destiny to see the world: to marvel at the sheer vastness of the Taj Mahal, to be dazzled by Stonehenge, for London to sweep my off my feet, to taste the spice of genuine Indian food.

Fate has declared that I am a wanderer.


Welcome to the Wanderess! My name is Allie Dietrich and I have a deep love for traveling, classic rock, and cats. My heart wanders far and my feet try to follow. Currently I work two jobs and attend university, while also running this blog and planning current and future trips. During breaks from school, I’ll travel out of the country, and during school I’ll travel around my home state and surrounding ones. On this blog I’ll share travel destinations, travel tips, motivation, and of course: food!  

Read through my adventures in India and England, and follow me as I return to London, jet to Paris, and wander through Italy! 

xoxo the wanderess


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